FREE MEEK (Amazon) :  Series produced by Jay-Z and Meek Mill, in consideration for Best Nonfiction Score 

The experience working with director Michael John Warren was especially powerful, given the series explores the corrupted justice system in America, it's extended probation practices that target poorer communities and the racial inequalities that still plague our country.  Musically we were not only inspired by Meek's music but Civil Rights-era jazz, gospel music and hip-hop.  For the main theme of the series, 'Perseverance', we fused everything together, centering it around a jazz-tinged female vocal from jazz artist Carolyn Perteete and the sound of a solo cello.  It swells with a full gospel choir, horn section and hip-hop production.  The idea was to feel the weight of a single voice, a single instrument growing with the support of a community of people rising up to fight the system.